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Snacklins Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank? Rinds

Pitchhealthy, vegan pork-rind puffed chips made of simple ingredients
EntrepreneurSam Kobrosly
Asked For$250,000 for 2.5%
Deal$250,000 for 5% and 5% advisory shares
SharkMark Cuban
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Snacklins?

Snacklins makes meat-free snack food in the form of pork rinds. They are deliberately vegan-friendly, made by using healthy ingredients such as yuca, mushrooms, and onions. The company sells these low-calorie crisps in four flavors, or you can buy discounted multi-packs.

Who Owns Snacklins?

Samy Kobrosly, a former disc jockey and radio personality from the District of Columbia region, is the founder of Snacklins. Of Muslim faith and a first-generation American, Samy still retains an interest in the company, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Founder’s Story

What started as a joke between friends about a vegan-friendly pork-rind, went on to become a multi-million dollar business. With this idea in mind, Samy then consulted with a chef friend of his for tips and spent several months figuring out a recipe.

He found that the ingredients mentioned above if fried in sunflower oil, produced the tastiest results. Not long after, Samy went into production and was soon selling his product in brick-and-mortar retailers and online. In 2018 he finished the financial year on $200,000 in sales.

By then, he’d also built a factory for production purposes and given away 70% of his shares in the company to investors and employees. It was now time to get a strategic partner on board to drive the sales forward.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is Snacklins Still in Business?

Snacklins is still in business with an active website. The company sells its products not only online, but in retail stores across the US. From mom-and-pops to national chains such as Whole Foods, Walmart, and 7/11 convenience stores.

They also have celebrity cook Rachael Ray to thank for promoting the product on her YouTube channel. In 2020, they focused on a branding overhaul, adding new colours and designs to their packaging.

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