intelligent steering wheel that helps prevent distracted driving


TJ Evarts, Jaiden Evarts, Bryeton Evarts, Paige Balcom, Emily Balcom, and Kate Balcom


$100,000 for 15%


$100,000 for 30%


Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban



Company Background

What is Smartwheel ?

Distracted driving remains an epidemic in many countries as drivers globally succumb to accidents and deaths caused by sidetracked driving. A group of teenagers and young entrepreneurs between the ages of twelve to eighteen combined their creative minds and invented Smart Wheel. Distraction is common among young teenagers, and the entrepreneurs were driven by a heavy yearning to make driving safe for teenagers. The teens anticipated seeing SmartWheel in all vehicles, globally, to save lives.

SmartWheel, which is ergonomically designed to suit the driver’s comfort, is quickly snapped on any steering wheel. Sensing technology alerts the driver on common distractions through lights and tones, thus reducing distracted driving accidents significantly. The device would further alert parents or guardians in cases of inattentive driving by teenage drivers.

Founder’s Story

The Smarthweel was invented by three sisters, Paige, Emily, and Kate Balcom, and siblings TJ, Jaiden, and Breyton Evarts. Initially, the group who went by the name the Inventioneers, had united to take part in a Lego building competition. However, their innovative, creative, and dynamic minds led them on a path towards the SmartWheel.

They began with the development of a prototype that encouraged young drivers to remain steady on the wheel. Although they applied for a patent, the young entrepreneurs required more funding to manufacture the product and transform it into a finished product.

They hoped to sell Smart Wheel online at the initial stages after production then retails the product through outlets such as Big Box Stores.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Did Smartwheel a Get Deal on Shark Tank?

The Inventioneers appeared on Shark Tank in Season 4 Episode 16, requesting $100,000 in exchange for 15% of their company. They secured a deal with Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban for $100,000 for 30% – a $333,000 valuation.

Similar to other deals on Shark Tank, disagreements ensued between the Shark investors and the entrepreneurs. They failed to agree upon licensing of the SmartWheel exclusively to car manufacturers, and thus, the deal fell.

Is Smartwheel Still in Business?

Despite the challenge, the Inventioneers believed in their dream and pursuit. In 2015, under the leadership of their 19-year-old CEO TJ Evarts, SmartWheel launched an Indiegogo campaign meant to initiate Smart Wheel production. The campaign was unsuccessful, earning them $2,000, which was way less than the $50,000.

The 39 backers of the business were disappointed by the end of the campaign, and one of them felt ripped off having to wait for more than a year for SmartWheel, and their entrepreneurs went mute on the endless queries.

The product has since received publicity on NBC’s Today show, MSNBC, and other credible shows with many positive reviews from the audience. The teens got a chance to showcase their innovation at the White House, which the then U.S President Barrack Obama endorsed.

Currently, SmartWheel does not have any products on the market but continues to maintain its social media pages and website while seeking appropriate partners for production and eventual sales. They believe in the power of the gadget to save lives and avoid unnecessary accidents and other fatalities.

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