The Sleep Styler – Heat-free Foam Hair Roller Update



Heat-free hair rollers that curl your hair while you sleep


Tara Brown


$75,000 for 25%


$75,000 for 25%


Lori Greiner



What is the Sleep Styler?

The Sleep Styler Hair Curlers are the design-patented heat-free, memory foam rollers that promise to curl your hair while you sleep, saving you hours of styling time in the morning.

Sleep Styler History

The Sleep Styler was invented by Tara Brown, physician by day and Sleep Styler by night. After appearing on Shark Tank, Lori Greiner was quick to pick up on the opportunity.

Sleep Styler Reviews

Reviews on their website appear to be manipulated as the website boasts thousands of positive reviews but Amazon tells another story.

With so many unable to recreate their beach waves and bouncy curls, customer’s are wondering how or why Lori Greiner chose to get behind and push a product.

Customers have left dozens of comments and video reviews describing or showcasing how ineffective the Sleep Styler Hair Rollers are.

The truth is the product works very well if you have the right hair type or take the time to add product to the process. If you don’t have either, you’ll find much better luck with the leading alternative, Tifara Beauty Curling Rods.

Sleep Styler After Shark Tank – Where Are They Now?

The Sleep Styler hair rollers grew a pretty large social media following, very quickly made its way into Walmart, Amazon, Target, QVC, Bed Bath and Beyond throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

The Sleep Styler is no longer available on QVC where it has acquired a 2 star rating. The memory foam hair stylers can still be found on the company’s website and on Amazon where its 2.7 star rating struggles to compete with its better reviewed knockoffs.

Despite the widely negative reviews, the Sleep Styler has managed to do pretty well. In just 2 years after airing, the company sold over $50 million in retail sales and over $100 million to date.

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