Simply Fit Board



core targetting exercise device


Linda Clark and Gloria Hoffman


$125,000 for 15%


$125,000 for 20%


Lori Greiner



Company Background

What is Simply Fit Board?

The Simply Fit Board is a simple piece of exercise equipment that makes fitness easier to maintain at home. Made with high quality plastic, this light weight, curved board utilizes the core, leg, and back muscles by doing fun twisting motions to build strength. Free weights can be added to make workouts more challenging.

Who Founded Simply Fit Board?

Gloria Hoffman is the founder and owner of Simply Fit Systems. Prior to starting Simply Fit, she was the founder and owner of Legacy Leadership Team—where she guided business leaders to success. Her next venture was with Zrii, a health and wellness company that focuses on direct sales.

Founder’s Story

Gloria and her mother, Linda, worked together to design and market the Simply Fit Board based on the need for a better way to eliminate belly fat. The board was largely inspired by Linda’s own frustration with losing weight and becoming fit at age 60. Linda called upon her daughter, whose background in fitness training, enabled her to create a solution for the average person. Gloria’s goal was to create a balance board that could be used nearly anywhere (on carpet, linoleum, hardwood, etc.) for efficient and simple workouts.

The mother/daughter team took their product to many vendors across America, displaying it in hopes of generating sales. In the course of nearly two years (prior to appearing on Shark Tank) they sold nearly 30,000 units, a figure that would pale in comparison by what they would see after being exposed to a much broader audience.

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