Simple Sugars



sugar and almond oil exfoliating scrub and moisturizer


Lani Lazzari


$100,000 for 10%


$100,000 for 33%


Mark Cuban

Company Background

What is Simple Sugars?

Created with the need for all-natural skincare Simple Sugars were created especially for people with sensitive skin. Every day people are struggling to find products suitable for their skin so Simple Sugars was created to fill that niche.

The range which only uses natural ingredients, includes body cream, facial products, men’s products, foot care, and a range of assorted gift boxes. Thanks to the wonderful selection of skincare products, keeping your skin soft, supple, and youthful has never been easier.

Who Founded Simple Sugars?

Lani Lazzari always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a natural talent for sales, as a young child, she ran a thriving business making and selling hair scrunchies. After high school, she was not able to able to find a suitable product for her eczema-ridden skin so Simple Sugars was was born in 2005 in her mom’s kitchen. Focusing all her attention on the business it grew from strength to strength.

Founder’s Story

Before appearing on Shark Tank, to grow her company Lani gave away a lot of samples to friends and family with skin issues. Driven by how her products helped improve the conditions she found the confidence to grow her business into an empire.

While still in high school she even took her junior year off to focus on growing the business. By the time she graduated Lani was had her business fully up and running and this is when she decided to approach Shark Tank.

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