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SiliDog Shark Tank Business

SiliDog Shark Tank Summary

EpisodeSeason 8 Episode 5
BusinessCustomizable silent silicone pet ID tags
Entrepreneur Mikey Lickstein
Asked For$100,000 for 15%
Accepted Offer$100,000 for 30% + $0.50 royalty per unit
SharkLori Greiner
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth

Company Background

What is SiliDog?

Silidog is a company that makes special tags for dogs. Each tag is made of soundproof silicone material that’s waterproof and never fades.. Plus, they come in a variety of brilliant colors, from bright pinks to deep greens and dark blues.

The real beauty behind this trendy product is that you can customize a short saying that celebrates your dog’s personality and style. You can have it printed directly onto the tag for all to see.

Who Founded Silidog ?

Micheal Lickstein is the founder and CEO of Silidog. Prior to starting his dog tag company, Micheal had gained a lot of experience in the business world. He started out as an undergraduate assistant for the University of Florida’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He went on to become a Business Analyst Team Lead for the University of Florida’s Innovate and Tech Licensing Center before becoming the founder for Lick’s Clique.

Founder’s Story

The idea started right after Micheal adopted a dog that was abandoned by his previous owners. The dog had fleas and would scratch constantly, and his tags would clash and jingle because of it. That’s when the idea of noiseless dog tags was born.

The business first began as a tiny operation where Micheal made and sold these special dog tags right out of his parents’ garage. He soon raised over $11,000 just to get his new business off the ground. At first, he struggled with low ratings, but then he improved them through solid advertising on social media. Once things got better, he appeared on Shark Tank, and that’s when he started getting a good reputation. And with his tags continuing to make big sales, he still enjoys good success to this day.

SiliDog Shark Tank Update

Did SiliDog Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

On Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 5, Mikey Lickstein accepted an offer of $100,000 for 30% + $0.50 royalty per unit, from Lori Greiner.

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