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protects your credit and debit card info from being stolen


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Hackers today are capable of stealing your information just by standing next to you! How is this possible? With RFID scanners similar to the ones used when you tap your card at a store checkout.

SignalVault is a simple, high-tech solution to the insidiously growing problem that is credit/debit card fraud.

The SignalVault card works by releasing a radiofrequency signal in response to any scanning attempts by a hacker. The emitted signal blocks RFID scanners to protect your data from being stolen.

Simply place SignalVault in your wallet and you are good to go.


After SignalVault aired on the Shark Tank, Lori brought Gilpin on to the Shopping Channels, QVC, where they sold nearly 5000 units within 10 minutes. According to Gilpin, SignalVault has done over $3.2 million in sales in the 14 months after his Shark Tank appearance and has been featured in stores like Staples and Bed, Bath and Beyond. They’ve since expanded their line to include wallets and other security products. Today, the company has faced competition from more various brands vying for a piece of the RFID protection market but they still remain in business with an estimated 10 employees and an annual revenue of $662,000.


During SignalVault’s earlier success, there seemed to be mixed reviews about SignalVault’s effectiveness. In a video uploaded to Youtube, leading competitor, ID Stronghold, showcased failed tests with earlier versions of SignalVault. This caused some customers to discredit SignalVault with deceptive advertising.

They have since come out with a newer version that comes with a certificate verifying its effectiveness. Most reviews today are from customers who appear to be pleased with their products.


Although in theory it is possible to steal credit/debit card data with a RFID scanner, there are some researchers who believe it is extremely impractical from an attacker’s point of view. Unless you’re using a much older card, the data obtained (especially with new RFID chip cards), is encrypted. Attackers wouldn’t be able to decrypt it in any meaningful time and therefore can’t do much with it. In reality, though possible, real money is rarely ever stolen through this method. But RFID protectors at least offer consumers some peace of mind.


SignalVault is one of the more convenient solutions on the market. Others include RFID blocking sleeves, badgeholders, passport holders, and wallets from a variety of leading brands:

1. Alpine Rivers – RFID Blocking Sleeves

2. Shell-D – RFID Blocking Credit Card Protector

3. Leopardd – RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Bifold Mens Wallet

Visit the SignalVault website

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