Shower Toga: Portable Shower Enclosure

Pitchprivacy product for changing, showering and redressing in public
EntrepreneurKressa Peterson
Asked For$80,000 for 33%
Deal$80,000 for 40%
SharkAlli Webb and Mark Cuban

Company Background

What is Shower Toga?

Shower Toga is a product designed to allow people to change and shower in public with 100% privacy – perfect for runners, beach-goers, hikers, bikers, and more. It’s also convenient to use as a bag for dirty clothes or a wet suit. Users simply place the toga around the waist or armpits, pull the drawstring, and change or shower as needed.

Who Owns Shower Toga?

Shower Toga was founded by Kressa Peterson. Before starting Shower Toga, she did direct mail advertising with her husband in the 80s. She then used the skills she acquired to run Kressa Peterson International Sport Horses from 2010-2017 and was an avid rider herself. She remains the CEO of Shower Yoga today, overseeing its day-to-day operations.

Founder’s Story

Peterson came up with the idea for Shower Yoga after getting diagnosed with cancer and taking on Spartan racing in order to get her mind off of it. As the races often involved her getting extremely dirty, she realized there was no good way of getting clean afterward. She made her first prototype with diaper cover material and began using it after her races.

After people began asking her to borrow it, she moved forward with getting it patented and manufactured. As a true entrepreneur, Peterson took a risk with her idea and did the work necessary to make it a reality – and the payoff has been huge.

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