The dog onesie that contans pet hair and dander


Tyson Walters and Miles Walters


$250,000 for 10%


$250,000 for 25%


Lori Greiner

Shed Defender is the company on a mission to help dogs and their owners coexist safely and comfortably while promoting a clean and healthy lifestyle. Their patent-pending Shed Defender is made from a breathable, lightweight spandex/polyester blend to keep you dog cool and comfortable.

Among its many benefits, the patent-pending Shed Defender keeps dog hair and dander out of your car and house, reduces exposure to allergens, keeps your dog clean, protects your pup pal against the cold weather, and even controls your dog’s anxiety to help them feel safe and confident.


The idea for the Shed Defender came to life back in 2011 after founder, Tyson Walters, struggled to find a solution to the uncontrollable shedding of his St.Bernard, Harley.

Tyson’s mom sewed together the first prototype and Tyson perfected it, testing out different fabrics and designs before settling on the stretchy, zip-up onesie sold to dozens of dog lovers today.

The company made its official launch in 2016 and has since continued to grow.


The Sharks were quick to show their interest after learning of the products almost 80% profit margin. Lori Greiner’s first thoughts were that they might have issues with knockoffs and tells the Walters that they must be the first and fastest to market.

Although Lori seemed interested, the first offer came from Kevin O’Leary who offered the brothers $250,000 for 33% of the company. Robert Herjavec followed shortly with the same offer.

Lori eventually puts an offer on the table of $250,000 for 28%. The offer was countered by Tyson and Miles at $250,000 for 25% which Lori ultimately accepts.


Since their appearance in the Tank, the Shed Defender ended the 2018 year with a 65% growth in revenue with their gross profit doubling after moving to bulk manufacturing.

They plan to spend 2019 strengthening their brand name, expanding their product line and expanding sales channels into a few brick and mortar stores. As of now, the Shed Defender can be found at their Shopify online store, Amazon, and With revenues at $70,000/month and Lori onboard, the Shed Defender is well on its way to becoming a Shark Tank success.


Shed defender reviews are fairly decent. Most customers love the idea of the hair-controlling doggy bodysuit, but some feel the product’s quality good be better and others feel more variety in sizes in needed.

The Shed Defender also has a few critics who believe the popular dog onesie is “abusive” and “torturous”. Overall, the veterinarian approved and recommended Shed Defender has gained a lot of popularity and sales since launching and will probably continue to do so for a while.

Shed Defender and Competitors

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