The Sharks – Cast of Shark Tank

Hundreds of deals have been made on Shark Tank but not everyone passes the due diligence stage.

Here is the cast of Shark Tank and the companies that survived.

The self proclaimed ‘Mr.Wonderful’ made his millions through a series of key acquisitions including The Learning Company, an educational software company which was sold to Mattel – the makers of Barbie, in 1999 for over $3 billion.

After years of taking orders at her 20+ jobs, at the age of 23 she decided it was time to become her own boss. Barbara became founder of The Corcoran Group, a real estate company which she later sold for $70 million.

After developing his entrepreneurial talents as a student in high school, Daymond found fortune as the founder of FUBU urban fashion and sportswear, a brand now worth $6 billion.

With nothing to his name, Herjavec rose through the ranks of a software company before starting his first company in security. Years later, he’d sell and restart again with The Herjavec Group, a leading provider of IT security.

Known as the Queen of QVC, Lori Greiner is an accomplished saleswoman and inventor of over 400 retail products. To date, her Shark Tank investments have collectively earned over $1 billion in sales.

The Dallas Mavericks owner, is a self-made billionaire who earned his fortune after cofounding and selling the video portal to Yahoo in 1999.

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