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Christopher Gray


$40,000 for 15%


$40,000 for 15%


Lori Greiner and Daymond John



Company Background

What is Scholly?

Scholly is a mobile and web application that helps needy students gain access to scholarship opportunities. The students sign up for the application with their details and the application provides a list of available scholarships for which the student qualifies. Scholly staff make weekly updates of scholarship in the application to ensure that their student members are always accessing updated information and the most recent scholarship opportunities.

Who Founded Scholly?

Scholly was started by Christopher Gray, Nicholas Pirollo and Byson Alef. Christopher is the founder and chief executive officer of Scholly. Nicholas was the chief development officer at the initial stages and is now Director at Scholly. Nicholas has other roles: he is the Deputy Chief Technology Officer at the First Republic Bank, Advisor at Ivee and Director at Bryson was a co-founder at Scholly and now the president Product at First Republic Bank.

Founder’s Story

Nicholas Gray started Scholly based on his own struggles joining college. He came from a poor background and his family could hardly afford the basic things like internet. It took him a lot of hustle to find scholarships when joining the university, a fight he finally won. He, therefore, came up with an idea on how he could help other struggling students by creating access to the right scholarship opportunities through a cheap mobile application.

Scholly was first launched in 2014 in Philadelphia and within a year, it had helped students raise over $9million through scholarships. Before presenting the venture at Shark Tank, the founders of this app had already created a website through partnerships.

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