Saucemoto: Car Dipping Sauce Clip

PitchIn-car sauce/dip clip for avoiding spills
EntrepreneurTony Lahood, William Moujaes, and Michael Koury
Asked For$45,000 for 15%
Deal$45,000 for 25%
SharkKevin O’Leary

Company Background

What is Saucemotot?

Saucemoto is a handy clip that you can affix to your car. After mounting this product, you can easily put your small tub of sauce.

Saucemoto is an excellent idea for all those who like eating on the go or for those who carry food on their road trip. Once you get the product, you can simply dip your fries in the sauce and say goodbye to dry food.

Who Owns Saucemoto

Michael Koury, Tony Lahood, and William Moujaes are the creators of Saucemoto.

The three were friends before even launching the product. They all had something in common, degrees in engineering and design. The friends are still in charge of Saucemoto.

Founder’s Story

An adage goes like this; necessity is the mother of invention. This rings true for the founders of Saucemoto, the three friends were on a road trip, and it was pretty chaotic eating on the road. There was a spillage here and there. This prompted the childhood friends to come up with an appropriate solution.

After some trials, William was able to make a 3D iteration of Saucemoto. His friends perfected his initial design by creating a universal size.

Having seen that people appreciated it, the friends decided to go big. They started a funds drive on Kickstarter that raised approximately $63,000, which paved the way for the business to grow.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is Saucemoto Still in Business?

Saucemoto is still in business, much to french fries and chicken nugget fans delight. They still have a functioning website from which you can order its car dips holder for your sauces, which conveniently attaches the car’s air-con vents. You can also find the product on Amazon. All three founding partners are still with the company.

There are similar products on the market, the largest being Saucem Dip Clip, found at retail giant Walmart. Walmart’s significant presence regionally probably means consumers can purchase it both online and in-store if stocked, therefore being available to a bigger market.

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