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RuckPack Shark Tank Business

RuckPack Shark Tank Summary

EpisodeSeason 4 Episode 10
Businesscaffeine-free energy shot
EntrepreneurRob Dyer
Asked For$75,000 for 10%
Accepted Offer$150,000 for 20%
SharkKevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth

Company Background

What is Ruckpack?

Ruckpack is a company offering caffeine-free energy shots packed with essential vitamins and minerals – providing consumers with long-lasting energy and focus without the crash afterward. They are meant as a healthy alternative to the highly caffeinated and sugary energy drinks currently on the market.

They come in a variety of flavors and are made with natural sweeteners, colors, and flavors. In addition to energy shots, Ruckpack also sells protein powder and fitness apparel.

Who Owns Ruckpack?

Robert Dyer is the founder and former CEO of Ruckpack. Dyer graduated from Naval Postgraduate School in 2001 with a Master’s of Business Administration and Financial Management.

Prior to founding the company, Dyer was a Major in the Marine Corps as well as a professor at the U.S. Naval Academy. Today Dyer works in International Sales and Business Development for Magpul Industries Corp.

Founder’s Story

Robert Dyer and his fellow Marines came up with the idea for Ruckpack back in 2008 while on deployment in Afghanistan.

When they didn’t have time to eat their MREs, they had to resort to taking multiple supplements a day to keep themselves energized. This prompted them to ask themselves why they had to take so many different supplements to achieve the energy they needed, and why it couldn’t be just one supplement.

After searching around and not finding what they were looking for, Dyer took a risk and invested over $90,000 dollars into making the product himself.

As a Marine and an entrepreneur, Dyer’s determination to make his vision a reality was unwavering. He managed to get his product into stores – selling tens of thousands of dollars worth of product annually.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is Ruckpack Still in Business?

After Dyer stepped down from his role as CEO in 2014, he passed responsibilities to Marine Special Operations Officer Derek Herrera, who remains the CEO of Ruckpack as the company continues to be a great success today.

The company currently sells all of its products on its website as well as on Amazon. A 15-pack of 3-ounce energy shots is currently priced at $49.99, and a 6-pack at 20.99.

Ruckpack Reviews

Ruckpack Energy Shots currently hold a 3.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. While most customers have nothing but great things to say about the product, some took off a few points due to it being too expensive. Despite this, the company currently has much of its product listed as “out of stock” on their company website – a sure sign Ruckpack is here to stay and keep customers healthily energized.

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