Pitch skin-tight full-body neon suits
Entrepreneur Colin Grussing
Asked For$100,000 for 15%
No Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusOut of Business

Company Background

What is RootSuit?

Root Suit was the original pioneer of the full body Spandex suit. Initially created for sports fans to showcase their teams’ colors, the line and its various uses expanded to include many different colors, designs, and occasions for use, including an American flag design ideal for the Fourth of July and a tuxedo design ideal for parties and/or after parties.

Who Owns RootSuit?

Root Suit was founded by Colin Grussing in 2008. Colin received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University in 2007; one year later, he founded the website which sold full body Spandex suits.

One month after starting the website, Colin formally founded the company Root Suit; and five years after Root Suit’s inception, he founded two new businesses, both in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The first was NOLA Sidecars, a company which sells sidecars, and 52business, an umbrella term for a project in which he planned to create a new start-up every week in the year 2013. The outcome of 52business is unclear; however, Colin currently lists himself as being actively involved in the company on his LinkedIn page.

Founder’s Story

The idea for the full body Spandex suit arose when Colin saw a green bodysuit on TV. He immediately began searching online for a similar one, wanting to gift such a suit to one of his friends. Unable to find any, he decided to create his own.

As previously mentioned, Root Suit began in 2008; however, the company did not gain significant traction until famed basketball player Shaquille O’Neal was seen publicly wearing one in size 5XL.

What Happened to RootSuit After Shark Tank Update

Is RootSuit Still in Business?

As of today, the Root Suit does not appear to be operational. Colin lists his involvement with the company on his LinkedIn as being ongoing; however, the brand’s social media accounts have not been updated since early 2016 and the suits are listed as “Currently Unavailable” on Amazon.

The company’s website is also not presently operational. Considering Root Suit was an e-commerce brand from its inception, its lack of availability and presence online gives the appearance of the company being defunct.

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