Rolodoc: Social Network for Doctor

Pitchsocial network for the medical community
EntrepreneurRichard Amini and Albert Amini
Asked For$50,000 for 20%
Deal No Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusOut of Business

Company Background

What is Rolodoc?

RoloDoc which was touted as the Facebook for doctors and patients is the brain-child of a doctor-brother duo Dr. Albert Amini and Dr. Richard Amini. Created to improve patient-doctor communication, they wanted to “…bring social media and the social network to the medical profession..” through RoloDoc.

Who Owns Rolodoc?

The brother duo of Dr Albert and Dr Richard Amini are behind RoloDoc. Both are University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson residency graduates. Dr R. Amini is an assistant professor at the UA Department of Emergency Medicine and the ultrasound director at the UA Medical Center. Dr A. Amini who initially conceived RoloDoc is a surgeon working with patients in intensive care. He is now a clinical instructor and hepatobiliary surgery fellow at the Medical College of Wisconsin Froedtert Hospital.

Founder’s Story

Dr A. Amini says that patients would friend him on Facebook and inquire about after-surgery medication. This prompted him to think of a better way to maintain communication with patients once they left the hospital. So he along with his brother started building an app where patients could ask medical questions, book appointments and send direct texts like modern social media sites allow, in a secure way. The brothers hustled to build the website with local and foreign software developers and searched for financial capital to help them see RoloDoc through to reality. And all this while juggling their trainings, family life and building their professions. They also featured on The Morning Blend Show for a sneak peek at RoloDoc before they appeared on Shark Tank.

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