Robin Auto Pilot

Pitchrobotic lawn mower service
EntrepreneurJustin Crandall and Bart Lomont
Asked For$500,000 for 5%
Deal No Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusAcquired, In Business

Company Background

What is Robin Auto Pilot?

Robin Autopilot is a unique company that offers professional lawn care that is, in part, completed by a robot lawnmower. Although this technology has been used throughout Europe for many years, it had yet to take off in the United States….until Robin Autopilot. Although this company started as a way to connect clients to great lawn care teams, it soon exploded into so much more.

Who Owns Robin Auto Pilot?

Robin Autopilot is the brainchild of two friends, Bart Lomont and Justin Crandall. Bart gained experience in logistics and supply chains through his time in the military, serving abroad.

Justin has an MBA from Harvard and has helped launch several start-up companies. Bart and Justin met through a mutual friend and decided to go into business together.

Founder’s Story

Justin and Bart describe the start of their business as an ‘Uber-for-lawns.’ Essentially, this meant that they connected lawn care providers with clients and facilitated the scheduling of service. As Justin and Bart’s experience in the industry grew, they began to hear about robotic lawnmowers being used in Europe.

After quite a bit of investigating and researching, the two business partners decided to bring this amazing, and eco-friendly technology to the United States. And thus Robin Autopilot, the first robotic lawn care service in America, was born!

Both Justin and Bart get their motivation to pursue their goal from the satisfaction they find in helping connect people to an affordable and sustainable lawn care service.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is Robin Auto Pilot Still in Business?

Robin Autopilot has exploded in growth in the past few years, since its founding. Large corporations like Husqvarna have made investments in this company.

Recently Robin Autopilot acquired Mowbot, a lawn care company with sixteen franchises in the United States. The future looks bright for this innovative and eco-friendly company!

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