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window frame fitted fire escape system


Eric Hartsfield and Brett Russell


$75,000 for 15%





It takes a few minutes to become a fatality if a fire breaks out in your apartment. Brett Russell and Eric Hartsfield are giving you an easy to escape product, Rescue Ready, which can increase your survival chances. Veteran firefighter-paramedics who have turned entrepreneurs have spent nearly four years developing this product.

The ladder gives your household a practical spin on the fire escape system. The rescue ready ladder is made from aluminium and nylon webbing, which provides it with the tenacity to hold up to 750 pounds. There is no need to hire a professional to fix the ladder thanks to an easy installation process that all ordinary household owners can handle. The adjustable ladder is conveniently designed to fit at the bottom of your window sash, where it is easily accessible amid a pitch-black fire and, which is camouflaged to avoid compromising your wall aesthetics.

Before appearing on the Shark Tank, Brent Russell and Eric Hartsfield have had successful careers in the two Norfolk fire rescue for nine and six, respectively. Russell, 39, and Hartsfield, 38 have had negative experiences with commercial portable ladders. Appearing on the highly successful business investment show on May 13 at 10 p.m., they pitched their product, while highlighting its effectiveness during fires. The project whose patent is still pending is their first joint venture despite years of experience in the industry. The veteran firefighter came to the sharks hoping to get funding and partners to push their ladder to the people. They hoped to work with companies that install wind blinds to reach a broad customer base and educate them on the importance of their product.

Contrary to their expectation, they did not secure a deal with the multi-millionaire investors. Russell and Hartsfield had pitched $75,000 for 15%, but unfortunately, they did not get any shark backing. The two men confirm that their journey after being on national TV has reshaped their campaign. They could love to sell the ladder by themselves, but their busy lives limit them from this venture. Russell confirms that they have received proposals from companies and individual who want to sell the two-stories long ladder. The ladder is ready for pre-orders on their Be Rescue Ready website which is pending approval. They received over 150 emails from people and companies of goodwill immediately the show aired on ABC.

Currently, their pre-order Rescue Ready RetroFit Kickstarter campaign failed to raise the targeted incomes of 225,000 be reaching $ 66,608 by Friday, June 26, 2020. Briefly, Rescue Ready – Window Escape Ladder is a noble project by two veteran firefighters. Despite failing to get backing from the sharks, the project has received recognition by survivors such as McKinnon who want to start conversations about fire safety through a children’s book.

Visit the Rescue Ready Window Escape Ladder website
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Gary Simonds

I have in the past had construction experience. I have no doubt that in an apartment setting this would be an excellent offering for tenants. Should probably be a mandatory requirement for new construction.

Jason Goddard

The sharks missed out on an opportunity of a lifetime. Those ladders will need to be bolted down adequately enough to Support 3000 lbs. you can’t count on the average consumer to install it Correctly. Once you screw into a subfloor, you’re hitting wood. Without pulling up the carpet or hardwood flooring, you will never know if you are actually anchored into the floor joist. This window idea is great and should be installed by professionals only. Too bad our firefighters missed this angle in their pitch. The govt should almost make this mandatory in every new construction. I love… Read more »


I love this idea, however, you are leaving out millions of homeowners and renters who would love to have this in their home. Not everyone buys new construction or are in the market to purchase new windows. I live in a 130 yr old Victorian home and my biggest fear is a house fire. If you could repackage this to be something that a qualified contractor or handy person that could install you would make money hand or fist. I was ready to purchase 3 before you were even finished with your demo. If anyone knows what they are talking… Read more »

Dennis M.

Love it.
Every house building company should have these as part of their offerings. They should be installed as part of the wall before the windows even go in. This avoids having the window company retool their process.
Would insurance companies give discounts to offset the cost to some degree? Perhaps they could play up the goodwill aspect with a sponsorship.