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Rescue Ready: Window Escape Ladder




window frame fitted fire escape system


Eric Hartsfield and Brett Russell


$75,000 for 15%







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  1. Enough said, enough criticism. This Grandma loves it!!!! Where & which company can this be ordered thru? My son-in-Law is in construction & would recommend this product ASAP!

  2. Has anyone considered mounting the ladder just beneath the window, it could fit between the studs the window is Currently mounted to. It could be a kit that uses a template that can be marked and cut with a key hole saw, pushed through the hole and screwed directly to the same studs. The ladder kit could be made to cover the hole and look and operate similar.

  3. I live in Adelaide Australia and have been impresssed by the video on New Atlas of the under-window hidden compartment mounted safety ladder. Out church has a 2 storey minister’s house wuth a narrow wooden staircase in the passage near the kitchen. It has always bothered me that the 4 upstairs bedrooms could be a fire trap.

    Please, is there an agent in Australia? When will that model be available? May I have a copy of the specifications regarding the space needed for under-window mounting?
    What will its landed cost be delivered to Australia?

    Bless you.

  4. I have in the past had construction experience. I have no doubt that in an apartment setting this would be an excellent offering for tenants. Should probably be a mandatory requirement for new construction.

  5. The sharks missed out on an opportunity of a lifetime.
    Those ladders will need to be bolted down adequately enough to Support 3000 lbs.
    you can’t count on the average consumer to install it Correctly. Once you screw into a subfloor, you’re hitting wood. Without pulling up the carpet or hardwood flooring, you will never know if you are actually anchored into the floor joist. This window idea is great and should be installed by professionals only. Too bad our firefighters missed this angle in their pitch.
    The govt should almost make this mandatory in every new construction. I love it.

    • I love this idea, however, you are leaving out millions of homeowners and renters who would love to have this in their home. Not everyone buys new construction or are in the market to purchase new windows. I live in a 130 yr old Victorian home and my biggest fear is a house fire. If you could repackage this to be something that a qualified contractor or handy person that could install you would make money hand or fist. I was ready to purchase 3 before you were even finished with your demo. If anyone knows what they are talking about is Barbra. You may find someone to do it but most people and builder go with Pella or Anderson windows because of their warranties and name recognition .

    • Love it.
      Every house building company should have these as part of their offerings. They should be installed as part of the wall before the windows even go in. This avoids having the window company retool their process.
      Would insurance companies give discounts to offset the cost to some degree? Perhaps they could play up the goodwill aspect with a sponsorship.


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