Recharj: Power Nap Studio

Pitchmeditation and napping studio for rest and relaxation
EntrepreneurDaniel Turissini
Asked For$75,000 for 15%
Deal No Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Recharj?

Recharj company offers studios where anyone who has bouts of insomnia can be helped to get some sleep. The studios are conducive to sleep and meditation.

After paying the requisite fees, clients are ushered into their sleeping area, which has low-tuned music.

On request, the clients can be issued with earplugs to muffle any noise. Recharj also offers meditation classes through accredited meditation and yoga specialists.

Who is the Recharj Founder?

Daniel Turissini is the creator of Recharj. Before his entrepreneurship stint, he had already had an impeccable background, having an undergraduate degree in engineering, an MBA, and a Master’s degree.

Daniel also worked for various establishments, including Noblis, where he was the Senior IT Program Manager. He is currently the owner of Recharj.

Founder’s Story

Daniel’s journey in the corporate sector is what inspired him to start Recharj. After college, he started working and quickly saw his stress levels escalate.

His career progression led to a rapid decline in sleep hours. Therefore, he decided to find a sleep center during his working hours, but couldn’t find any.

Daniel then started Recharj, which is a sleep and meditation studio where clients can either book in advance or simply walk in.

After starting the project in Washington, it quickly peaked, prompting Daniel to start another studio in Bethesda. Having invested $300,000 into the project, he recouped around $130,000 before appearing on Shark Tank.

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