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Katie Marks-Cogan, Andrew Leitner, and Daniel Zakowski


$350,000 for 7%


$350,000 for 10%


Mark Cuban



Introducing a baby to solid food is one worry parents struggle with. As a parent, you do not know what will react with your baby and what will not, resulting in a gamble. However, the issue has significantly reduced, thanks to Ready, Set, Food! This baby food company sells a series of allergenic foods including peanuts, eggs and milk for babies. These powered food supplements are added to the baby’s bottle of formula or breast milk to help prevent the onset of food allergies in kids. The business’ gist was, the founders of the product got an investor who had a personal touch with the allergen mix investment.

Ready Set Foods’ Founder Story

The idea was birthed when the CEO, Daniel Zakowsi’s nephew, suffered a peanut butter allergic reaction. His brother-in-law, a doctor, tried several kinds of research to find out his son’s food allergies and finally, an idea sparked.

In his prevention efforts, the doctor decided to give babies smaller portions of eggs, milk and peanuts daily by either adding the product in their food or bottle. The thought was, kids do not consume some of these products until they are grown and introducing them gradually could reduce their chances of developing allergies. Introducing the baby to the formula at four months will minimize the chances of your baby developing allergies.

The trio (Dr. Katie Marks-Cogan, Dr. Andrew Leitner and Daniel Zakowski) came to Shark Tank seeking $350,000 with a 7% equity. It ended up with an offer of $350,000 with a 10% equity and an additional 2% advisory shares. The idea seemed personal to Shark Cuban, who stated that his daughter has a severe allergic reaction to peanut butter.

Ready, Set, Food After Shark Tank

The Shark Tank effect worked on Ready, Set, Food. With a commitment to supplying millions of families worldwide with its gift-freedom food, the company has received tremendous achievements. Regarding the successes, the trio has decided to develop a program to help every parent with tools to protect their children from food allergies by donating a set of Ready, Set, Food for every set sold. After receiving a boost from Cuban, the baby food makers got a boost of $3 million led by Danone Manifesto Ventures, Cuban and AF Ventures. The company has also raised a total of $5.75 million to expand the distribution markets of the baby food.

The formula will cost parents $29 per month if they stick to a 6 month plan. However, if you do not want to commit, you can opt to buy monthly supplies on Amazon at $60. The millions raised in the boost will help prevent almost 200,000 babies annually from developing severe allergies associated with peanuts, milk and eggs.

The company has also decided to improve its product portfolio by introducing new products. Ready, Set, Food! is now available in Peanut Only and Peanut+Egg allergen introduction systems. The company also launched a donation program to help families affected by the Coronavirus. With the hope to give families a chance to live healthy lives, Ready, Set, Food! is now a recommendation of several pediatricians.

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