Rapid Ramen Cooker



ramen noodle cooker


Chris Johnson


$300,000 for 10%


$150,000 for 15% + $150,000 loan


Mark Cuban

Company Background

What is Rapid Ramen?

The simplest kitchen accessories can change your life. The Rapid Ramen Cooker proved to be a hit by cutting the cooking time of instant ramen down to just three minutes. Developed by Rapid Brands, the Rapid Ramen Cooker is one of the nations leading microwave cooking accessories. It’s a must-have for any student, busy parent, or ramen lover’s kitchen.

Who Founded Rapid Ramen?

Entrepreneurship came naturally Rapid Brands Founder, Chris Johnson, from an early age. He was first inspired when he had a birthday party at the age of 16 and charged people to get in. While a bit cheeky, this inspired him to start the first teenage dance club in Sacramento. After graduating from college he worked his way up to be the top recruitment agent in the company he worked for before opening his own business at age 25. He is now the Founder and CEO of Rapid Brands and The Johnson Group.

Founder’s Story

Before appearing on Shark Tank in 2012 Chris focused his energy on becoming the best recruiter he could be before taking the knowledge he gained to open his own firm. After running his agency successfully Rapid Brands was born when he decided to venture into the product development market. After convincing a local Walmart to stock the Rapid Ramen Cooker, he sold out within the first few weeks. He went on to open an online store increasing his sales dramatically. When deciding that he wanted to grow his company further he decided to take his proposal to Shark Tank to get investment capital so he could grow his brand and develop his product range further.

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