Raising Wild: Swimwear for Moms

Pitch swim and apparel collection for women and kids
Entrepreneur Rachelle Hyde and Kara Haught
Asked For$100,000 for 20%
Deal$100,000 for 50%
SharkBarbara Corcoran
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Raising Wild?

Raising Wild is a swimsuit company founded by two Florida sisters Rachelle Hyde and Kara Haught. The company is in the business of all-around swimsuits described as made for fit, fashion, and function. Offering swimsuits to both adults and kids, the sisters are committed to getting people confident in swimsuits out of their beach chairs and dropping their towels to raise their unique kind of wild. The suits are designed to offer comfort and elegance to make the wearers confident and sophisticated.

Founder’s Story

Rachelle and Kara augmented their mother’s passion, who was a seamstress through their swimsuits. Growing up in Florida, the two girls always wore comfortable swimsuits through their daily activities of life. Swimwear was a significant attire of their closet and outfit, be it for dates, movies, or regular home duties. Driven by the motivation to raise this vital piece of attire’s standards, the two sisters were inspired to start Raising Wild.

Their products would ensure everyone comfortable, confident, elegant, and trendy, and carefree in kids’ presence. They desired to ensure that swimwear becomes an essential piece of attire for every woman’s and girl’s life, inspiring them to an out of the box fashion life sense.

The swimsuits are unique, with distinct features that render them flattering and functional. Most of the products have adjustable ties, bum coverage, integrated shelf bras, and nursing-friendly designs, enhancing their popularity among young ladies and mothers. Mothers have had positive reviews for the products, which are a perfect fit for the kids who enjoy decency, coziness, and luxury wearing them on beaches. As the business gained impressive growth and support from the target market, the two sisters required more funding for growth and enhanced production to ensure sufficient profitability and sustainability.

Raising Wild Shark Tank Update

Did Raising Wild Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

On Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 3, Rachelle Hyde and Kara Haught entered the Tank seeking a $500,000 valuation for their swimwear line for moms.

After some negotiation they finally accepted an offer of $100,000 for 50% ($200,000 valuation) from Barbara Corcoran.

Sales and Success after Shark Tank

Some months after their appearance on Shark Tank, the company made $400,000 in sales.

They faced challenges in prioritizing after deciding to pitch in new product lines. Their mentor and investor-partner, Barbara Corcoran has mentored the two sisters considerably in business, teaching them how to prioritize, which has helped them discipline their creative energies.

The strategy and support have ensured the growth and sustainability of their business. The company has significantly maintained quality over the years. LA’s garment industry grants the Raising Wild access to original materials, factories, and unique talents, guaranteeing quality in the industry.

Is Raising Wild Still in Business?

Raising Wild has since launched a new line of sunglasses after prioritizing their productions.

The Family operated business guarantees that any client who accesses and gets to wear the swimsuit will identify the brand from its quality, faultless fit, and function designed for all body types.

The company has continually found channels for growth and maintaining its relevance and uniqueness in the saturated swimwear market.

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  1. Wow!! $250-$350 for a bathing suit!! Who can afford that? Seems to me these women have turned greedy. Trying to help people feel better about themselves when they wear a bathing suit, but also charging them hundreds of dollars for one is a ridiculous concept & they should be ashamed.

    • You are obviously not aware of the cost of quality clothing and swim wear. You are one of the people who is the problem, you want fast fashion, cheap clothing. Cheap clothing = bad quality = you’ll need to keep buying more = more going to landfills. Do your research, before you try and bash women, moms, who are trying to make a change within the swimwear category. It’s made by women, for women. YOU should be ashamed.


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