Quick flipping 2-in-1 reversible hoodie and backpack

Quikflip Update

Lori Season 10


quick flipping 2-in-1 reversible backpack/hoodie
Rener Gracie
$500,000 for 5%
$250,000 for 10%
Lori Greiner

QuikFlip’s Hero Hoodie is a 2-in-1 hoodie that quickly and easily converts into a functional backpack. The backpack has two storage compartments, one for larger items and one for smaller valuables like your wallet, keys and cellphone. The backpack straps can be adjusted with patent pending cord locks for comfort and security during high-intensity activity.

Before Shark Tank

Before he began flipping hoodies, Rener Gracie was flipping bodies as a third-generation Jiu-Jitsu master. The inspiration for the Quikflip Hero Hoodie came after many mornings of not knowing what to do with his hoodie after going through his run, bike or hike. Tired and frustrated about having to awkwardly wrap his hoodie around his body, he began designing the prototype for the Quikflip Hero Hoodie. After six months of trial and error, the Quikflip Hero Hoodie was born.

Rener Gracie wearing the Quikflip Hero Hoodie

On Shark Tank

Kevin O’Leary offers Rener $100,000 for a 25% share, as well as a $400,000 line of credit. Robert Herjavec jumps in with an offer of $500,000 for a 25% share as well. Lori Greiner feels that Gracie needs to focus his efforts and says she could assist him through her experience and connections. After extending him an offer and counteroffer for a $250,000 cash investment and a $250,000 line of credit in exchange for a 10% equity share, Rener accepts Lori’s offer.

After Shark Tank

Quikflip has been doing very since its appearance in the Tank.
The hoodie has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating after selling hundreds on Amazon. The sharks were worried about knockoffs but Quikflip is still swimming on its own with no other competition on the market.

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