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Quikflip Update



quick flipping 2-in-1 reversible backpack hero hoodie


Rener Gracie


$500,000 for 5%


$250,000 for 10% + $250,000 line of credit


Lori Greiner



What is Quikflip?

QuikFlip is the company behind the Hero Hoodie – a 2-in-1 hoodie that quickly and easily converts into a functional backpack. The backpack has two storage compartments, one for larger items and one for smaller valuables like your wallet, keys and cellphone. The backpack straps can be adjusted with patent pending cord locks for comfort and security during high-intensity activity.

Quikflip History

Before he began flipping hoodies, Rener Gracie was flipping bodies as a third-generation Jiu-Jitsu master. The inspiration for the Quikflip Hero Hoodie came after many mornings of not knowing what to do with his hoodie after going through his run, bike or hike. Tired and frustrated about having to awkwardly wrap his hoodie around his body, he began designing the prototype for the Quikflip Hero Hoodie. After six months of trial and error, the Quikflip Hero Hoodie was born.

Rener Gracie wearing the Quikflip Hero Hoodie
Rener Gracie wearing the Quikflip Hero Hoodie

Quikflip Reviews

In 2019, the Hero Hoodie also featured in Time as a special mention on its 2019 Best Inventions list and has gained a lot of attention for its innovative design, convenience and comfort.

The Quikflip 2-in-1 reversible backpack hoodie has 4.6 out of 5 stars with over 900 ratings on Amazon. Some customers have had issues with the sizing finding that sleeves are too short. But most appreciate the quality, fit and convenience of having a hoodie that can quickly transform into a backpack.

Quikflip After Shark Tank – Where Are They Now?

Deal with Lori didn’t close but the company has expanded its line of quick-flipping hoodies to include full zips, pullovers, rain jackets, and kids-sized hoodies.

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