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Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tool Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

Pitchtool that quickly turns off a fire sprinkler once activated
EntrepreneurMatt Scarpuzzi
Asked For$150,000 for 10%
Deal No Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tool?

The Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tool is a damage control device that plugs up individual sprinkler units on a building’s fire sprinkler system. This tool is used by homeowners, fire departments, and landlords. It has helped prevent millions of dollars in property damage that can happen when sprinklers malfunction and go off.

Who is the Founder of Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tool?

The Quickstop Fire Sprinkler tool was designed and invented by firefighter Matt Scarpuzzi. During his time as a firefighter, Matt witnessed firsthand how water damage can happen when sprinkler systems go off unnecessarily. This was his inspiration to create a tool that firefighters, homeowners, and building owners can use to protect their property when a sprinkler goes off.

Founder’s Story

When an individual sprinkler goes off unnecessarily, it will cause water damage fast. Adding to the problem is the fact that the entire building’s sprinkler system must be shut down in order to turn off the water to the problem sprinkler.

This can take upwards of an hour. After witnessing so much property damage as a firefighter, Matt decided to create a tool that civilians can use to put a stop t other water flow fast. The result of his goal was the Quickstop Fire Sprinkler tool.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Did Quicktop Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

As the demand for his product increased, Matt realized he had something big. In 2014, he appeared on Shark Tank, requesting $150,000 in return for a 10% investment in his company. The Sharks showed a considerable amount of interest in the product, which led Kevin and Lori to offer $150,000 for 50% of the company. Matt, however, believed they undervalued his company and declined the offer.

Is Quickstop Still in Business?

To date, Matt’s company has skyrocketed in popularity. His Quickstop Fire Sprinkler tool is available internationally and throughout the United States. In addition to company growth, Matt continues to pursue a career as a firefighter while also seeking to create new and innovative solutions to make certain tasks easier. Until he strikes up a deal with major retailers, Matt’s product will remain available primarily through his company website. This is their primary source of income for the moment.

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