QBall: Microphone Ball

Pitchthrowable foam encased wireless microphone system
EntrepreneurShane Cox
Asked For$200,000 for 15%
Deal$300,000 for 30%
SharkLori Greiner, Mark Cuban, and Rohan Oza
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is QBall?

Designed to encourage team engagement, the Qball is a throwable, wireless microphone encased in a soft foam exterior.

By tossing it back and forth during meetings, events or presentations, every participant’s contribution will be amplified and clear.

Integrating with commonly used office communication tools, its adaptability to most desktop and portable speakers makes it the perfect office or auditorium platform.

Who Owns QBall?

Shane Cox is the creative mind, visionary and inventor of Qball. After five years experience as chief technology officer at SkyWire Communications, Cox became chief executive officer at PEEQ Technologies, a title he still holds today.

Founder’s Story

While spending some years installing technology within the school system, Cox noticed a disconnect in the methods used to make children heard in the classroom. Some teachers employed the use of a talking stick while others passed around delicate and cumbersome microphones in an attempt to invite pupils to speak.

Having himself been a student who preferred sitting at the back of the classroom, Cox was familiar with the challenges of not being able to hear and understand classmates.

Motivated to solve this problem in a fun way that would engage students, the interactive Qball was born. After creating a prototype with a 3D printer, moving to the mass-production phase was made possible by supportive Indiegogo backers.

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