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PullyPalz Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?



line of stuffed animals with a built-in pulley system that holds pacifiers


Julie Thompson


$100,000 for 20%


$100,000 for 28%


Lori Greiner



Company Background

What is PullyPalz?

PullyPalz is a line of stuffed animals with a built-in pulley system that holds pacifiers and teethers, saving busy parents the hassle of retrieving pacifiers that have fallen to the ground.

They are able to attach to baby carriers, car seats, bouncers, and more. The stuffed animals come in a variety of colorful characters and are designed to provide babies with easy and constant access to entertainment.

Who Owns PullyPalz?

PullyPalz was founded by entrepreneur Julie Thompson in 2015. Before founding Pullypalz, Thompson attended the University of Memphis and graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and Communications.

From 2007-2017, she was President of Bounce, Inc., a product development company in Atlanta, Georgia. Pullypalz thrived for years after its launch but has since been declared out of business. Pullypalz can still be summed up as a massive success for Thompson and there is no question that she will be back with another innovative invention.

Founder’s Story

Julie Thompson is the epitome of a successful entrepreneur. As a working mother, she came up with the idea of Pullypalz and built her business from the ground up, designing each product completely on her own.

Thompson was selling PullyPalz on Amazon, trade shows, and about 350 stores across the US. In that duration, she received raving reviews from customers on her products, holding a solid Amazon rating of 4.5 stars across 41 customer reviews. She managed to bring in just under $100,000 in sales in the first 12 months of business.

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