Prime6: Eco-friendly Grilling Charcoal




eco-friendly, reusable, sawdust briquettes


Riki Franco and Oren Franco


$200,000 for 10%


$200,000 for 25%


Kevin O’Leary



Company Background

What is Prime6?

Prime 6 is a recycled hardwood product from waste sawdust. It is for grilling purposes both for residential and restaurant customers. The product has a unique hexagonal design that allows air to circulate, leading to better and higher consistent heat to grill and cook. The pure and flame-flavored charcoal burns for more than four hours, leaving no fillers or chemicals in food.

Who Founded Prime6?

Riki and Oron Franco are the co-founders of the New York premium charcoal company featured in the TV show Shark Tank and secured a deal with O’Leary. The founder and the co-founder founded the Prime 6 Company or product in 2018. The two are blessed with two children and are very passionate grillers.

Founder’s Story

Mr. and Mrs. Franco started their business way back in 2018. Their inspiration was due to their love for grilling and the idea that grilling charcoal should last longer.

Before founding Prime6, the couple owned another tech business known as FeedMe. They came across a product that resembled their Prime 6 product in Vietnam several years back, which also inspired them to manufacture similar-looking charcoal.

The couple was motivated by the idea of starting a business that would guarantee their family financial independence and build a legacy for their kids.

The couple reached out to a factory to make a charcoal product that was 100% sustainable and came up with Prime 6 after several trials and error testing. Before Shark Tank, the co-founders sold their product directly to restaurants and famous pitmasters in New York, including Pig Island.

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