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card game that asks how much money it would take for each player to do a certain task.


Dan Killian


$100,000 for 20%


$100,000 for 40%


Lori Greiner and Rohan Oza


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Company Background

What is Pricetitution?

Pricetitution is a unique adult card game where participants guess how much money it would take their friends to do weird and outlandish things. It can be played with 3 or more people in 30+ minutes. Getting to know your friends too well?? Whatever that does mean! Each player guesses how much it would take for a friend to do a crazy thing such as drink their pee! The premise of the game is around the ridiculous conversations you already have in your friend circles.

Who Owns Pricetitution?

Dan Killian, the creator of Pricetitution got the idea in between conversations with his friends. The 31-year old Dan has a Psychology degree from Davidson College with a Minor in Spanish. He was into improv comedy too. After his studies, he worked at a creative advertising company for 9 years before quitting and starting Pricetitution in 2017.

Founder’s Story

The game which turns everyday conversations even more hilarious builds on the tagline “Everyone has a price”. It draws from the age-old adage that there’s a price for everything.

He got the business going with a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $23,500 which was 230% of his initial funding goal within 30 days of campaigning and was adjudged as the #1 most “Popular Project” on that same day out of 300,000 projects.

Dan, to save money for the venture, moved back with his parents which he quipped was the one thing “every 30-year old can only dream of doing.”

It wasn’t long after that he approached the Shark Tank seeking an investment of $100,000 in exchange for 20% equity.

What Happened to Pricetitution After Shark Tank Update

Is Pricetitution Still in Business?

Pricetitution is thriving even today and comes with 160 price tag cards. The cards themselves are manufactured by a company called Panda Manufacturing and sold on Amazon. It continues to get 5-star reviews and the company just celebrated its five-year anniversary in 2020.

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