Press Waffle Co.




Belgian waffle shop


Bryan Lewis and Caleb Lewis


$200,000 for 8%


$300,000 for 15%


Barbara Corcoran

Company Background

What is Press Waffle Company?

Press Waffle is a family-owned and franchise concept based in Dallas Texas. They specialize in fully customizable Belgian waffles, savory waffle creations, locally roasted coffee, espresso, and cold brew. Their amazing waffles are perfect for breakfast, brunch, or dessert. They are on a mission to teach America a new way to waffle!

Who Founded Press Waffle Company?

Press Waffle was founded by two brothers Bryan and Caleb Lewis. They had no prior knowledge in the food industry. Bryan was a theater teacher and Caleb was studying accounting at the University of Texas.

Currently, the two brothers are running the Press Waffle Company that has grown from a food truck to three food mall units in Texas and a fourth one in Oklahoma City.

Founder’s Story

The founding of Press Waffle has a unique story behind it. In the Summer of 2013, Bryan Lewis and his fiancé travelled through Europe. They encountered the Liége waffle for the first time. After enjoying this delicacy all summer long, they wanted to share the heavenly treats with everyone at their wedding.

Sadly, on returning home they could not find this delicious treat anywhere else. Bryan was determined to recreate the waffles on his own. His limited culinary background however made him try and fail with the recipe several times.

After one year he got it right. The desire to share his recipe with everyone inspired the birth of Press Waffle. When his brother Caleb returned home from college, they began planning their business.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, they founded the company as a food truck in 2016. The company opened its first storefront in 2017. Through franchising, the business is growing very fast with multiple stores opened now and new ones coming up!

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