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Prank O: Gag Gifts




variety of prank gag joke gift boxes


Arik Nordby and Ryan Walther


$640,000 for 8%


$640,000 for 25%


Mark Cuban



Company Background

What is Prank O

Prank O is a just for gigs product that can be used to surprise/prank a loved one or colleague. Prank O allows a buyer to choose a range of boxes that suit their prank. For example, one can buy a box that has a display of a toilet paper safe. However, toilet paper safe is a product that doesn’t exist. So, you can choose to put another gift within this box or deliver the “prank box” as the gift.

Who Owns Prank O

Arik Nordby, Ryan Walther and Ryan Dolan are the founders of Prank O. Before making these novel pranking boxes, they were already entrepreneurial. Walther had found “The Onion” which was a satirical newspaper with Dolan as a writer on the platform. Arik had “Prank Pack” which he was selling on “The Onion” platform. They later created 30 Watt which they continue to successfully run as co-founders.

Founder’s Story

The team behind Prank O were motivated by their creativity, humor and business mien in creating 30 Watt. The formation of the company created an environment that led to rebranding from “Prank Pack” to “Prank O”. It also created the impetus to create more products and transform sales to multiple sources.

The team’s effortlessly funny collection has been positively received by consumers. The products are also creatively designed that one (a recipient) can easily believe that they are real. Prank O are also quite affordable to buyers, thus the appeal that made them earn $10 million dollars before appearing on Shark Tank.

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