Power Practical: Portable Charging Cooking Pot

PitchPortable electric generator that doubles as a camp cooking pot
EntrepreneurDavid Toledo and Caleb Light
Asked For$250,000 for 10%
Deal$250,000 for 12% + 3% in advisory options
SharkMark Cuban

Company Background

What is the Power Pot?

The Power Pot is a portable energy source that operates as an electric generator. It can do many things, including boiling water while outdoors or on a camping trip using any kind of heat source. It can use a propane heater, portable stove, or even a hot spring. Plus, it comes with a built-in USB charger for your device.

Who are the Founders of Power Pot?

Prior to firming their business partnership, Caleb Light and David Toledo, the founders, came from strong business backgrounds. Light started his journey with Utah Valley University, where he studied business and entrepreneurship. He went on to be a partner for CupAd LLC prior to founding Power Pot.

Founder’s Story

Light and Toledo started their new venture with an idea of how fire really works. It all began on a weekend camping trip after a long and arduous semester when the founders discovered that campfire releases a lot of energy.

Rather than wasting that energy, they decided to channel it into a useful product as electricity.

It wasn’t too long that Light and Toledo soon began creating a series of portable products, most notably the Power Pot, which would use this energy as a natural source.

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