PopUp Play

Pitchservice that lets kids design and build their own playhouse
EntrepreneurAmelia Cosgrove and Bryan Thomas
Asked For$250,000 for 6%
Deal$250,000 as a convertible note with a $3 million cap
SharkChris Sacca
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is PopUp Play?

Pop Up Play is a touch-based design app that affords children from age 3 to 9 the opportunity to design a structure that is specific to Pop Up Play, then the dismantled design, made with fiberboard, gets delivered to their door in a few days to be put together as a bonding activity between child and parent, sibling, or even grandparent.

Who Owns PopUp Play?

Before Pop Up Play, co-founders Bryan Thomas and Amelia Cosgrove, were both working at Outback Power Systems at different times, Bryan as a senior product manager in 2009 and Amelia as an intern from 2004 to 2005.

Amelia went on to be a design engineer for Genie Industries, Winward Performance, and Pump Studios. Bryan went on to be a product manager for Advanced Energy, ABB, and SolarBridge Technologies.

Currently, the company is still in business and the co-founders and couple have spread their career wings with Bryan now being the CEO of an electric fueling company called Charge Theory, and Amelia is now the lead mechanical engineer for a company called Span.

Founder’s Story

Pop Up Play was inspired by Bryan recalling his most memorable experiences as a child being building forts and other toys he built himself, which led to the desire to offer a fun opportunity for the new generation of kids to have the same experience in a new-age way away from aimlessly staring at a tablet or TV screen. Amelia was in agreement with colliding timeless play with modern technology, so they put their engineering skills to work and came up with Pop Up Play.

PopUp Play Shark Tank Update

Did PopUp Play Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

On Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 14, Amelia Cosgrove and Bryan Thomas accepted an offer of $250,000 as a convertible note with a $3 million cap, from Chris Sacca.

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