The Pop Pacifier

Pitchbaby pacifier that pops inwardly into a protective bubble when dropped
EntrepreneurNicki Radzely
Asked For$250,000 for 5%
Deal$250,000 for 10%
SharkKevin O’Leary
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is The Pop Pacifier?

The Pop Pacifier is a medical-grade pacifier that pops into a protective casing when it falls to the floor. The silicone makes sure that the pacifier remains free of bacteria and other contaminants. It’s a simple and easy-to-use product for parents that are mindful of the hygiene of the pacifier that goes into their child’s mouth. Its single-piece construction mechanism ensures there are minimal or no spaces for dirt to get in.

Who Owns The Pop Pacifier?

Nicki Radzely and Janna Badger co-founded the company. Nicki Radzely is a graduate of the University of Central Florida, and Janna Badger graduated from Brigham Young University. Previously, Nicki worked at Johnson & Johnson as an Oncology Product Specialist. On the other hand, Janna interned in interior design at New Deal Design. Currently, they co-run their company, Doddle & Co.

Founder’s Story

The duo developed the idea while Badger was touring Seoul, South Korea. They worked on the design for over a year, struggling to source the products, but in the end, they created the pacifier and patented it. However, they faced the challenge of lack of capital, which they overcame, by starting a fundraiser on Kickstarter. The pair are determined to expand their product range beyond the pop pacifier into other products. They aim to make a better and safe world for parents to use germs-free products on their children.

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