Pooch Selfie Update



a phone attachment for taking better dog selfies


Jason Hernandez


$100,000 for 20%


$100,000 for 33.3%


Daymond John



What is Pooch Selfie?

The Pooch Selfie is the smartphone attachment here to help turn you into a professional dog photographer. The attachment comes equipped with a squeaky tennis ball to hold your dog’s attention just long enough for you to capture the perfect picture of your pooch.

Pooch Selfie Before Shark Tank

The idea for Pooch Selfie first came to Hernandez in 2015, inspired by a love for his dog. “I made this because I love my dog,” Hernandez said. “My dog’s not going to be around forever. That’s my first best friend. I just want to share that with people so they can do the same thing.”

He took the idea to Kickstarter in September 2015 where it exceeded its goal in just 11 days! By the project’s end, the Pooch Selfie had successfully raised $39,897 with 1625 backers.

By March of 2016, the Pooch Selfie had been successfully delivered to the majority of its backers and was now being sold on Amazon.

Pooch Selfie Reviews

Reviews of the Pooch Selfie are pretty good. Amazon lists a 4.2 star rating over 500 reviews with most reviewers stating the Pooch Selfie works just as advertised.

However, a few customers have stated issues with the quality of the product and its lack of universality as it struggles to fit on some phones with the iPhone X having the most issues with fitting.

Pooch Selfie After Shark Tank – Where Are They Now?

The Pooch Selfie has gone international and can be found in stores throughout the US, Canada and UK including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Amazon, and on their Shopify online store.

Buy on Amazon Visit the Pooch Selfie website

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