Pooch Paper

Pitchbiodegradable, compostable, paper alternative to plastic dog waste bags
EntrepreneurTracy Rosensteel
Asked For $250,000 for 12%
Deal $250,000 for $1 royalty in perpetuity
Shark Kevin O’Leary

Company Background

What is Pooch Paper?

Pooch Paper is a company which produces a paper alternative to single-use plastic dog bags. Pooch Paper is recycled, non-chlorine bleached, 100% biodegradable, and manufactured domestically in the U.S. with renewable energy.

The company offers two different product sizes, 12 x 12 inch and 14 x 14 inch, and a variety of accessories, including their Pooch Pouch, Pooch Clip, and Pooch Paper Dispenser. They also offer monthly product subscriptions and bulk dispenser refills.

Who Owns Pooch Paper?

Pooch Paper was founded by entrepreneur Tracey Rosensteel. Tracey attended the University of Saint Thomas where she earned degrees in Business and Studio Art/Photography.

After completing her education, she went on to found her first company: Vega Consulting Inc., a trading technologies consulting firm based in New York. After nine years of operating as the company’s president, she went on to work at a couple of different firms in the areas of technologies trading before diverging from the field to focus on her other passions.

For nearly eighteen years she worked as a director, producer, and television host for travel docuseries “In Pursuit of Passion.” After concluding her work with the show, she went on to found her current company, Pooch Paper.

Founder’s Story

Tracey is passionate about environmentalism and the general welfare of both people and animals moving into a currently uncertain ecological future.

She believes there’s a better way to do things, if only people are willing to take initiative, have determination, and be resourceful.

Therefore, she aimed to lead by example by creating her company and offering an environmentally-friendly alternative to a commonly used—and commonly made of plastic—product.

Considering her business savvy and professional background in entrepreneurship, she felt particularly poised to undertake such a venture; and so once she was in a position to pursue this passion, she hit the ground running.

Pooch Paper Shark Tank Update

Did Pooch Paper Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

On Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 2, Tracy Rosensteel came into the Shark Tank looking for $250,000 for 12% of her biodegradable doggie waste bags and accepted an offer of $250,000 for a $1 royalty in perpetuity, from Kevin O’Leary.

Is Pooch Paper Still in Business?

Pooch Paper remains in business and continues to do very well.

The company has received a notable amount of favorable media attention due to their product’s environmentally friendly nature, which has helped to boost both sales and brand recognition.

Pooch Paper is currently available in over 3,000 retailers throughout the U.S. and is also sold in Canada, Japan, and Dubai.

Along with their presence in both domestic and international markets, the company continues to explore partnerships with municipalities, multi-residential management companies, and parks departments in order to further the product’s reach, use, and impact.

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