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PolarPro Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

PitchGoPro and camera accessories
EntrepreneurJeff Overall
Asked For$500,000 for 10%
Deal$1,000,000 for 20%
SharkRobert Herjavec and Mark Cuban

Company Background

What is PolarPro?

PolarPro is an action sports enthusiast and a videographer’s one-stop-shop for a wide range of photography equipment and various related accessories. PolarPro’s innovative inventory includes a selfie stick that charges cameras’ batteries, drones, lens filters, action cameras, and much more. PolarPro is based in California but has a global market.

Who Founded PolarPro?

Jeff Overall, the founder and CEO of PolarPro, studied economics and accounting at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His first entrepreneurial endeavor involved collecting hermit crabs as a teen and selling them online to aquarium owners. Overall is an adventure-seeking photographer who turned his passion into a successful business.

Founder’s Story

While in college, Overall planned to film the ski team in action using a GoPro. Unfortunately, his video was overexposed. He discovered polarized film and taped it over his GoPro’s lens. He tested it on a second attempt at filming the ski team and saw that he’d solved the exposure problem.

Overall then began cutting little circles out of polarizing film sheets while his college friends partied around him. The improvised lens filters that didn’t get drenched in spilled beer would fit neatly between the GoPro’s lens and its casing.

During a class session, Overall realized he probably wasn’t the only person to have experienced overexposure problems with a GoPro. He knew then that his polarized lens filter invention could be useful to other GoPro users. This realization would be the humble beginnings of PolarPro.

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