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The Podillow Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

Pitch face down pillow
EntrepreneurAnthony Calvert and Tina Calvert
Asked For$250,000 for 33%

Company Background

What is Podillow?

The Podillow is a face down pillow with head and neck support that serves dual purposes. One is allowing you to tan lying down comfortably without supporting your head on your hands. While the other is being a comfortable alternative for masseuses to use when massaging clients. With its plastic foundation, it looks similar to a massage cushion. It has the added convenience of storage pockets for those everyday essentials like keys, wallets, sunglasses, etc.

Who is the Founder of Podillow?

The co-founders of Podillow is the husband and wife duo of Anthony and Tina Calvert. Anthony is a twenty-year veteran of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, and Tina is a housewife. Despite not having much success with investors to achieve nationwide success as envisioned, Anthony and Tina are still selling the Podillow through online retailers like Amazon in conjunction with their mail-order catalogue partners.

Founder’s Story

During his service in the Sheriff’s Department, Anthony was assigned to the SWAT team and sustained an injury during a training exercise — a dislocated shoulder meaning he couldn’t lie face down comfortably in bed or acquire a tan outside. It was during his time in recovery that he came up with the idea for the Podillow. He phoned around to different manufacturers to see if they could make it and with an investment from Tina, soon developed a prototype. With production complete and inventory in stock, they started selling them online, doing all the packaging and distribution of the orders from their garage. They had initial success and sold just over 6000 units. As demand increased, they managed to secure contracts with two large mail-order catalogues. With large orders coming in from these respective companies, and with their stock inventory running low, they decided to get capital investors onboard. Both to help them develop the business further, but to offer expert guidance and take their product to a bigger market.

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