PMS Bites

Pitchhealthy bite-sized snacks specifically designed for women experiencing PMS.
EntrepreneurTania Green
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StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is PMS Bites?

PMS Bites is healthy, vegan-friendly bite-size snack balls made primarily out of dates and coconut that contain no gluten, specifically for women during that time of the month. They satisfy sugar cravings (a big no-no during this time) while including some of the many ingredients and herbs typically taken to combat cramping, bloating, and irritability. They come in three flavors.

Who Owns PMS Bites?

Tania Green of Boston is the founder of PMS Bites. A Simmons University graduate with a background in marketing. Tania is presently Chief Marketing Officer for Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women. It is a chain of wellness and fitness centers with four locations in Boston and over 15 000 active members.

Founder’s Story

The idea for the company started with a simple New Year’s resolution Tanya made. She planned to keep a diary and mark each day with a simple rating: Great, average, bad. Keeping track, she soon began to notice that her not-so-great days were during her cycle.

So she started actively researching PMS and its symptoms and was intrigued to learn that sugar cravings were common, which tallied with an increase in her monthly spending at the local pastry store.

Convinced there must be a healthier alternative, Tania spent hours in her kitchen experimenting with various ingredients and herbs to create a natural, more wholesome alternative that also helps with some of the other 150 issues women may experience during this time. She then began selling them to independent retailers and franchise gyms, delivering orders directly to customers and over seven months, managed to make just over $13,000. Then, seeing hope for a bigger market, she began looking for an investor to come on board.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is PMS Bites Still in Business?

PMS Bites remains in business with an active website and a small following on social media.

Although it seems like Tania is keeping it very much a niche market, you can order directly from their website by filling in a contact me form—as opposed to ready-made advertised prices you add to a cart to ship. However, it seems she’s content and has no intention at this point of growing it further, treating it as a side-gig.

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