Plop Star Shark Tank Update: Toilet Deodorizers

Pitchessential oil based dissolvable deodorizer toilet tablets
EntrepreneurTyler Jay
Asked For$150,000 for 10%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Plop Star?

Plop Star is the stink-blocking, dissolving portable bathroom tablets that help you “rock the bowl with confidence, anywhere, anytime.”

Plop Star’s tablets are made with citrus scented essential oils that create an odor blocking barrier that stop your plops from becoming the center of attention.

The ingredients contain a mix of essential oils that leave a fresh citrus scent behind after dissolving.

Who Owns Plop Star?

Plop Star founder, Tyler Jay, received his BFA in Media Arts from the University of Arizona and worked at several ad agencies and in producer-director roles.

He eventually founded his own creative production company called Tandem Content in 2014, based in Chicago. Tyler currently serves as the Director of Content Production at Tandem.

Founder’s Story

Like so many people, Tyler didn’t like to poop in public for fear of leaving an offensive odor behind. He started to search for solutions that could quickly solve the problem but came up empty-handed.

Tyler researched for over three years and began testing a spray, but the results always fell short.

However, one night during his little girl’s bath time, Tyler had an epiphany from her bath bombs, and the idea for a tablet form of Plop Stars emerged. Tyler joined forces with a chemical company to test formula variations until they finally landed on just the right one.

After three and a half years of research, he finally introduced Plop Star in 2018. He initially wanted it to be a spray, but he became inspired by bath bombs and decided to make his product in tablet form.

One and a half years later, he finally achieved the product he was looking for and began building his brand from the ground up.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is Plop Star Still in Business?

Plop Stars has a Youtube commercial featuring Tyler riding on a moving toilet. After Shark Tank, he saw a brief spike in sales, but since then, the orders are slow and steady. Currently, Plop Stars is available on Amazon, but the product is sold out on the Plop Star website.

Plop Star Reviews

The general consensus seems to be that most people don’t actually care about their stink bombs. And like Mark Cuban, many prefer to leave them as a proud mark of their duty.

Others have dismissed Plop Star’s need and functionality on the basis of poop-smell science. Poop-smell science suggests that tablets are only effective in targeting smells produced from solids and does little to effect smells that have already made their way into the air.

In spite of mixed reviews from the public, Plop Star has customers who seem to be in favor of the scented toilet tablets although many aren’t pleased with the new *Shark Tank tax.

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  1. Plop star is a good Idea. Its simple guys don’t have to carry a bottle poop spray with them.


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