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Plop Star – Bathroom Deodorizer Tablets – Update



essential oil based dissolvable deodorizer toilet tablets


Tyler Jay


$150,000 for 10%




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Plop Star is the stink-blocking, portable bathroom tablets that help you “rock the bowl with confidence, anywhere, anytime.” Plop Star’s tablets are made with citrus scented essential oils that create an odor blocking barrier that stop your plops from becoming the center of attention.

In 2014, Jay founded Tandem Inc., a creative production studio, after working in the ad industry for a number of years. He decided to put his experience to use on building his own brand for a smelly problem. After three and a half years of research and development, Plop Star was introduced in 2018.

With Plop Star you longer need to worry about using bathrooms outside the comfort of your home. The discrete, portable, smell-blocking tablets release a buffer of essential oils that create a barrier at the water’s surface, preventing odors from escaping.

Plop Star Reviews

The general consensus seems to be that most people don’t actually care about their stink bombs. And like Mark Cuban, many prefer to leave them as a proud mark of their duty.

Others have dismissed Plop Star’s need and functionality on the basis of poop-smell science. Poop-smell science suggests that tablets are only effective in targeting smells produced from solids and does little to effect smells that have already made their way into the air.

In spite of mixed reviews from the public, Plop Star has customers who seem to be in favor of the scented toilet tablets although many aren’t pleased with the new *Shark Tank tax.

Plop Star After Shark Tank

As with most shows that appear on Shark Tank, Plop Star has seen a spike in their sales since the episode aired. Plop Star tablets are currently sold out on their website but are still available for sale on Amazon.

Plop Star Alternatives

Plop Star faces competition from the longstanding leader, Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray .

*Shark Tank Tax: an unforeseen rise in the price of a product due to having appeared on Shark Tank.

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