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PlateTopper Update



turns plates into airtight food storage containers


Micheal Tseng


$90,000 for 5%


$90,000 for 8%


Lori Greiner



The PlateTopper is a microwave safe cover that creates an airtight seal over dinner plates of all sizes, allowing any plate to become an instant food storage dish. The PlateTopper was created by Michael Tseng, an engineer and medical doctor who enjoys inventing innovative kitchenware.

In 2012 Michael entered the Shark Tank for Season 4 Episode 8, with the hopes of finding a partner who could help him fund $1 million worth of purchase orders form Walmart and QVC. After 2 hours of negotiating, he finally settled on a deal with Lori Greiner.

PlateTopper After Shark Tank – Where Are They Now?

The PlateTopper deal fell through before the episode aired as neither Michael nor Lori could come to an agreement over the terms of the deal.

On the night the episode aired, Lori sent a tweet stating “Sorry to say I wound up not liking his tactics much either, that agony didn’t end in the tank.I’m out!” But in an interview with Rob Merlino, Michael states that Lori wanted to have exclusive decision-making powers for one year before commencing their initial agreement. After consulting with lawyers and advisors, Michael felt he could not go through with the deal.

Prior to appearing on Shark Tank, PlateTopper has made its way onto Amazon, QVC and had completely sold out in Walmart but today it is no longer available for sale anywhere.

The PlateTopper site has been down for a while and social media pages have been silent but it appears Michael is back in the kitchen inventing more topper-ware. The PlateTopper’s parent company Prestagon LLC – owned and operate by Michael, has filed patents for the BowlTopper and IceTopper, as recently as 2018.

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