Plate Topper

PitchTurns plates into airtight food storage containers
EntrepreneurMicheal Tseng
Asked For$90,000 for 5%
Deal$90,000 for 8%
SharkLori Greiner

Company Background

What is Plate Topper?

Plate Topper is an innovative plastic kitchenware used to store leftovers. If you have issues keeping track of your plastic containers or their lids, then you need to acquire a Plate Topper. The product has an impressive suction capability that keeps it fastened to plates. Plate Topper is microwavable; therefore, you can easily warm your food.

Who Owns Plate Topper?

Michael Tseng is credited with innovating Plate Topper. To say that Michael is brilliant would be an understatement. Before the innovation, he had already found his footing in academia, having degrees; in electrical and biochemical engineering and a medical degree. He skipped his medical residency to become an entrepreneur. Currently, Michael Tseng is the CEO of Prestagon LLC.

Founder’s Story

Michael Tseng got the motivation to create the kitchenware, having seen how many people struggled with the conventional food containers. He noted that the lids would often be misplaced. Using the plastic containers would lead to them disfiguring. Additionally, food would be spilled in the microwave, leaving a mess.

To solve all the mess, he figured out that using the Plate Toppers, it would create a clean and convenient environment. The Plate Topper also could be easily used in the microwave and cleaned inside a dishwasher without spoiling. Importantly, you could use the ware to preserve food safely.

To protect his proprietary creation, Michael Tseng took out a patent to protect the Plate Topper from being used by other entities. Before appearing on Shark Tank, Plate Topper had already been listed on QVC and Walmart, showing how great a product it was.

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