Pipsnacks: Pipcorn

Pitchheirloom mini popcorn snacks
EntrepreneurJeff Martin and Jennifer Martin
Asked For$200,000 for 10%
Deal$200,000 for 10% + equal draw
SharkBarbara Corcoran
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Pipcorn?

Pipcorn is a healthy snack alternative to traditional popcorn. It was brainstormed during a residential move where a bag of tiny heirloom popcorn kernels ultimately became the snack of choice and has since grown into a delicious product naturally packed with the fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants that the typical movie, microwave, and kettle-popped popcorn lacks.

Founder’s Story

Pipcorn is the brainchild of Jen Martin, her brother Jeff and her sister-in-law (Jeff’s wife) Teresa. The popcorn they ate during the move was so tasty that they tracked down the Indiana farmer who grew it and ultimately created the company Pipsnacks, bringing heirloom popcorn into the spotlight. Today, they offer several flavors of Pipcorn and quite a few other derivative products.

Jen Martin co-founded Pipsnacks in 2012. This was her first recorded business venture but she created it out of her passion for living a healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating into her routine, and creating more food diversity to include natural products. Her brother Jeff and his wife Teresa are the co-founders and bring their experience as business and financial analysts to help establish Pipcorn and Pipsnacks as a prominent product and company, respectively.

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  1. I tried some pipcorn for the first time today. It was the Jalapeno and Cheddar flavor. It was pretty good.


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