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Pick Up Pools Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?




vinyl pool liner for pick-up trucks


Tommy Prestella


$100,000 for 25%


$100,000 for 33%


Mark Cuban

Company Background

What is Pickup Pools?

If you love pools, have a pickup truck and cannot afford have a pool in your home, Pick-up Pools an turn your pick-up truck into a pool. The Pick-up Pool is a liner that fits in the bed of a pick-up truck to create a swimming pool. The liner creates a water-tight connection for a pool. The company sells pools for all pick-up truck sizes, from short bed to long-beds.

Who Owns Pickup Pools?

Tommy Prestella founded Pickup Pools in summer 2014 while living in Arkansas. Prestella is an active serviceman in the United States Air Force and still serves as CEO today of Pick-up Pools.

Founder’s Story

Pick-up Pools was created when Prestella’s daughter asked her father to go to a pool and they didn’t have one. Prestella then laid tarp in his pick-up truck’s bed and connected the tarp with bungee cords. Prestella did not like the look, so he went to work on designing a more efficient liner. The business slowed down, due to Prestella’s military deployment in 2017. That’s when decided it was time to take his business to Shark Tank.

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