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ultraviolet light case for sanitizing phones


Dan Barnes and Wes LaPorte


$300,000 for 7.5%


$300,000 for 10%


Lori Greiner

Phonesoap is a company that creates hygiene-centric tech solutions for everyday devices. Typically, the company offers a smartphone charging system that also sanitizes your device during charging. Smart, huh? The tech utilizes UV radiation to kill bacteria lodged on the phone surface.

Furthermore, it boasts lightbulbs with a lifespan of 4000 hours+. Combine that with its enhanced portability, and you have a charger that you’ll use virtually 24,000 times, anywhere, wherever you go. Phonesoap does not use moisture, heat, or chemicals to disinfect the phone; it uses UVC technology that sanitizes your smart device all round.

How Phonesoap Started

Phonesoap was founded by cousins Dan Barnes and Wes LaPorte, in 2009. The inspiration for this revolutionary technology came about when the two students of Brigham Young University were watching a show on TV that claimed that mobile phones have a lot of fecal matter. With Wes’ scientific knowledge and Dan’s marketing ideas, they established the company.

With The business idea in mind, Dan and Wes began enrolling for science congresses and competitions where they managed to stage several projects. In 2010, they participated in a BYU contest where they bagged the Student Innovator of the Year. The following year, they were invited to participate in the Rice Business Plan Competition at Rice University. Dan was able to showcase his marketing skills, earning the pair Best Marketing Award.

With encouragement from friends and family, they pursued the business, utilizing the Kickstarter App for crowdfunding. They raised $63,000 and used it to manufacture the first batch. In 2014, Phonesoap made its market debut, selling over 22,000 units.

Phonesoap After Shark Tank

In 2015, the duo was fortunate to pitch their business and brand story on Shark Tank. They were confident about the business, and they explicitly explained the product to the Sharks. They got three offers, but they chose Lori Greiner as their partner. The business mogul invested in the brand, and soon after, the co-founders launched another Kickstarter campaign, this time for another product: Phonesoap XL, a disinfectant for tablets.

Currently, the company is happy to be enjoying great success. It has sold over one million units, and the demand keeps on rising. Wes and Dan haven’t slacked a bit. They have created Phonesoap Wireless, PhoneSoap Go, and PhoneSoap Shine, which is used to clean the screen while disinfecting it. The company hopes to release the Microfiber Pad 3-Pack, a gentle cloth used to clean the screen without scratching it. Considering its founders’ creativity and ingenuity, PhoneSoap must be readying another mind-gobbling device sanitation tech soon.

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