Pet Plate Shark Tank Update: Fresh Dog Food Meal Kits



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Renaldo Webb


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Company Background

Pet Plate Founder Renaldo Webb on Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 10

What is Pet Plate?

Pet Plate is the subscription-based pet food delivery service bringing you the healthiest, human-worthy fresh dog food recipes, right to your door.

Meals are prepared and selected through a subscription plan that considers your dog’s age, weight and some sensitivities.

Each meal comes full of healthy foods like broccoli, squash, carrots, peas, and a blend of vitamins and minerals while being formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

With meals like their Chompin’ Chicken, Barkin’ Beef, Tail Waggin’ Turkey, and Lip Lickin’ Lamb, Petplate has enough variety to satisfy your dog for days.

Who Owns Pet Plate?

Pet Plate was founded by Renaldo Webb, a former business analyst for a pet food company. Today, Renaldo still remains on board the fast-growing pet food business as a Director, with Gertrude Allen as CEO.

Founder’s Story

After graduating with a Physics degree from MIT, Webb went on to work as a business analyst before becoming a business consultant for a pet food company.

It was here where he discovered the inferior ingredients and substandard processes used to make mass-market pet food.

With his dog Winston in mind, in 2015, Webb set out to work on a healthier solution and Pet Plate was born.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Did Pet Plate Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Pet Plate appeared on Shark Tank in Season 8 Episode 10 seeking $100,000 for 10% ($1 million valuation) but unfortunately left the Shark Tank without a deal.

Is Pet Plate Still in Business?

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Pet Plate has grown from a few subscriptions in the New York area, to now shipping hundreds of boxes each week throughout the country.

By February 2021, Pet Plate had delivered over 15 million meals since 2017.

How Much is Pet Plate Worth?

In confirmation of their success, Pet Plate raised $4 million in a seed round earlier in May 2018. The company had a subsequent funding round in August 2018 where they raised an undisclosed amount for a net worth of over $4 million.

Webb plans to use the additional funds to scale operations to handle the  demand that will come with shipping across the country.

In January of 2019, Pet Plate had reached customers all over the country with over $4.2 million in sales since Shark Tank.

In 2021, Pet Plate had closed $9 million dollars in Series A funding from investors that include DFE Capital Management, 301 INC, and Fernbrook Capital Management, for a total of $13 million in funding at an undisclosed valuation

Pet Plate Reviews

Reviews for Pet Plate have been overwhelmingly positive and consumer testimonials back up the claims made by the company, with many even considering it the best place to get dog food for your canine friends.

Several review sites have given it high ratings including 9/10 from Consumers Advocate, 9/10 from Woof Whiskers and 4.7/5 from the Canine Journal.

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  1. Can you please tell me what kind of dog Winston is? I would love one just like him! If you could email me the answer, just in case I don’t know how to get back to this page, that would be great. Please send it to: [email protected]. And then of course I’ll feed him pet plate as well! 🙂

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