Pet Paint

PitchPet-safe color hairspray for dogs
Entrepreneur Abe Geary
Asked For $200,000 for 20%

Company Background

What is Pet Paint?

Pet Paint is a fun, safe alternative to a pet costume just for dogs. Each color is safe, non-toxic, and easy to wash out. You can use it to dress up your pooch for the holidays or for Halloween. Plus, it’s approved by most veterinarians.

Who Owns Pet Paint?

Abe Geary is the founder and CEO of Pet Paint. His career began when he studied marketing at Moorpark College from 1995-2000.

From there, he worked for the new business development department at Morton Karr and gained entrepreneurial experience. He then became an owner of Creative Displays, where he learned how to think creatively in business. Shortly afterwards, he founded Pet Paint.

Founder’s Story

Abe Geary understood that most dogs hated wearing traditional costumes that were sewn and sought to solve a decades old problem. He did so by creating a company that would market nontoxic paints just for dogs.

When he first started Pet Paint in January 2010, Geary created formulas for nontoxic hairspray just for dogs. He invested $240 000 when he started . He was able to draw on his background in business to get everything in order during this time.

He then found a potential buyer in PetSmart, who agreed to invest in some samples. It wasn’t long before he started making good money.In fact, he was soon grossing around $70,000 in sales, and things began to look up. Once sales climbed to $200,000, Geary started enjoying better success.

It wasn’t long before he had several patents pending for his products, a fact that has helped his business right up to his appearance on Shark Tank.

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