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Maneesh Sethi


$500,000 for 3.14%







This habit changing tool borrows the name of a Russian novelist, Ivan Pavlok. The inventor, Maneesh Sethi, devised the silicone hand bracelet with apparent continuity, which uses 150v of zaptic feedback to help manage undesirable traits like nail-biting, waking up late, eating and sitting for too long. After making an appearance on the season finale of Shark Tank, the device now features splendid accessibility options and ten thousand new users.

The Pavlok wristband was invented after Sethi stumbled upon a pamphlet of a 60’s aversion research. Sethi had severe ADHD and couldn’t focus or complete a single task or project without losing concentration. After landing the study reports, Sethi paid a girl to strike him every time he strayed from the work at hand. This method proved useful and led to the invention of the first Pavlok prototype. Sethi declared that the product has a $15 million valuation, which many of the Sharks found shocking.

All Sharks withdrew except Kevin O’Leary, who has an undergraduate degree in psychology and saw the band’s potential. He then offered $500,000 for a 3.14% stake, but contrary to expectations, Sethi declined. Nonetheless, the Pavlok continues to make considerable strides considering more features have been added. Each time the wearer does something bad, there is a button on the device which they press. This discharges electric signals that zap the subject with zaptic feedback.

Before coming to the show, Sethi’s product had over 800,000 pre-orders all over the country. Sethi had also sourced a reasonably massive amount of capital from investors. Pavlok attracted more than $200,000 in venture capital funding from IncWell and MassChallenge.

Now, the device features a Google Chrome productivity extension that trains bad habits. What’s more, the wristband can be synced with popular tools like Fitbit, Amazon Echo, and GPS. This allows the user to set reminders and goals that they wish to achieve. The tool’s notifications are an additional perk that reminds users to go to bet and do other stuff.

After making an appearance on the popular TV show, the Pavlok zapper continues to make innovative strides towards excellence.

It would be amazing to see what the future holds for Maneesh and his habit-breaking tool considering more features are being added. The recent addition includes a hand detection feature, light sleep alarm and double-tap accessibility. The new features are available through an update of the Pavlok device, which takes aversion therapy to a whole new level.

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