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Pavlok Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

Pitchaversion therapy wearable tech to help fight bad habits
EntrepreneurManeesh Sethi
Asked For$500,000 for 3.14%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Pavlok?

Pavlok is a company which produces a wearable device they refer to as a mindfulness coach on the user’s wrist. Pavlok’s appearance is similar to that of a wristwatch and uses electrical stimulus to help wearers start good habits or break bad ones. The company boasts over 100,000 satisfied customers since its inception in 2013, with customers claiming the device has assisted with reducing cravings, waking up earlier, exercising regularly, and more.

Who Owns Pavlok?

Pavlok was created by Maneesh Sethi. Maneesh earned his B.S. in Science, Technology, and Society & Computer Science from Stanford University in 2009 and is currently working on his M.S. in Clinical Psychology from Harvard University. He initially started out as a web designer but has since pursued a variety of different avenues, including publishing four books, running a blog titled Hack the System, and most recently, operating as the founder and CEO of Pavlok.

Founder’s Story

The idea for Maneesh’s device came out of a strong desire for him to be more productive, as he struggles with ADHD and frequently finds himself easily distracted. Looking for a solution, he first placed a Craigslist ad requesting for someone to slap him whenever he got distracted from his work, and he did actually pay the person who responded to the ad.

This wasn’t particularly sustainable, however, and thus he began to consider more practical options.

It was then he had the idea for a wearable device that would provide a mild electric shock to serve as a mindfulness reminder for whatever the user needed. After a period of research and development, the first model of the Pavlok was produced.

What Happened to Pavlok After Shark Tank Update

Is Pavlok Still in Business?

As of today, the company remains in business and continues to upgrade and modify their technology. After making an appearance on the popular TV show, the Pavlok zapper continues to make innovative strides towards excellence. Through heartfelt dedication and will, Pavlok update indicates the company has completed two IndieGogo awareness campaigns for the Pavlok 2 and the Shock 2.

Now, the device features a Google Chrome productivity extension that trains bad habits. What’s more, the wristband can be synced with popular tools like Fitbit, Amazon Echo, and GPS. This allows the user to set reminders and goals that they wish to achieve. The tool’s notifications are an additional perk that reminds users to go to bet and do other stuff.

The first model of the device is no longer available, having been replaced by the new and improved Pavlok 2.

A second product has additionally been added to the line, the Shock Clock, which serves as a silent alarm. Users wear the Shock Clock on their wrists and instead of a loud alarm they’re awakened by a mild shock. The Shock Clock has been updated similarly to the Pavlok, and now the second edition has entirely replaced the first.

Pavlok continues to stretch the bounds of aversion therapy and it will be interesting to see where the company goes in the coming future.

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