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Paskho Shark Tank Update

Paskho Shark Tank Summary

EpisodeSeason 13 Episode 1
BusinessAmerican, community made, eco-friendly lifestyle apparel
EntrepreneurPatrick Robinson
Asked For$500,000 for 2.5%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business
Net Worth

About Paskho

What is Paskho?

Paskho Apparel is a clothing brand that specializes in sustainable and environmentally-conscious products while creating jobs for Americans. The company employs people from under-served or marginalized communities to sew the clothes rather than have to set up a factory. It, in turn, reduces the carbon footprint emitted to produce the clothing, protecting the environment from pollution.

Paskho Founder

Paskho Apparel is a creation of Patrick Robinson. Patrick has more than 20 years of experience working for top clothing brands, including The Gap, Armani, Anne Klein, and Perry Ellis. He also founded and sold Patrick Robinson, a designer brand to Neiman Marcus. At the moment, Patrick is a volunteer member of 1% for the Planet while he concurrently runs the show at Paskho.

Paskho Shark Tank Update

Did Paskho Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

On Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 1, Patrick Robinson entered the Tank seeking $500,000 for 2.5% – a $20 million valuation – for his community-made, lifestyle apparel brand, Paskho. Despite his impressive resume and great sales, the Sharks were uncomfortable about the company’s ability to communicate the brand’s message through today’s marketing channels. The Sharks went out and Robinson left the Tank without a deal.

Is Paskho Still in Business

Evidence from the company’s website and social media profiles, including Twitter and Facebook, suggest the company is still in operation. Its products are available for shipping via its website or Amazon.

The company has continued to revolutionize, creating jobs for Americans. For instance, the community in Gee’s Bend, AL, known for making quilts, develops some of the sewers for the clothing the company stocks.

Reviews from online customers depict that the product is of high quality, and is not only cool enough for casual everyday wear but also stylish enough to rock to the office.

Clients from all over the world can order and get free shipping for orders above 300 US Dollars. One percent of sales profits go to organizations that carry out environmental activism. Patrick continues to draw from his experience in the clothing industry to design and produce products of the highest quality and penetrate markets otherwise under-traversed before.

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