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Paper Box Pilots Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

Pitch decorative sticker designs that bring cardboard box toys to life
Entrepreneur Noah Cahoon and Brian Cahoon
Asked For$35,000 for 25%
Deal$35,000 for 50%
SharkKevin O’Leary
StatusOut of Business

Company Background

What is Paper Box Pilots?

Paper Box Pilots is a kit that allows users to transform old and waste paper into imaginative toys, including airplanes, fire engines, and race cars.

The company creates decorative stickers which the kids can use to turn the simple box into a toy. The instructions on how to cut the box are on a sheet in the pack.

Who Owns Paper Box Pilots?

The company was founded by then 13- year old Noah Cahoon. Noah is a college student currently studying Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing at Brigham Young University.

He has also discovered his passion for photography, a skill he uses to capture outdoor moments such as skiing, climbing, and camping for athletes and businesses.

Founder’s Story

Noah Cahoon is passionate about starting businesses. He got the business idea when he was helping his younger brother, Milo, make paper box planes, and he drew the instruments and decorations on paper to make them appear more realistic.

He got tired of drawing and started printing images and then taping them onto the boxes.

Noah, with his dad, got the decorative stickers professionally printed, and they launched the business in 2013. Noah aims to make kids all over the world happy with the toy he makes. He aims to ensure kids have unlimited fun while also exploring their creativity, but without the infusion of batteries.

Noah’s dad, Brian, had to shelve his plans of becoming an entrepreneur when Noah was born and concentrate on raising him.

He, however, taught Noah a lesson that he still holds dear; to follow his heart and desire and not just follow the corporate ladder but to explore his talents.

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