Paint Brush Cover



plastic cover for preventing paintbrushes from drying out for up to weeks


John DePaola, Sal DePaola, and Anthony DePaola


$50,000 for 10%


$100,000 for 20% + $100,000 for purchase orders


Lori Greiner

Company Background

What is Paint Brush Cover?

The Paint Brush Cover is an item that safeguards the bristles of your brush when not in use. The cover is made of clear, hard, and long-lasting plastic that you can trust at any time. The transparent cover allows you to see the size of the brush you are storing. Importantly, it lets you see whether your brush is wet or dry. Worth mentioning is the cover’s airtight seal that ensures that your brush remains wet when you take breaks from painting.

Who Founded Paint Brush Cover?

The Paint Brush Cover business was started by two brothers, Sal and John DePaola, and a family friend, Anthony Caputo. The trio has a broad experience in painting as it has done canvas painting and big room. The three professional painters have been in the industry for over 20 years, and they are not planning to quit painting.

Founder’s Story

The three painters experienced many challenges while their brushes dried in the middle of painting. The experience of wrapping and unwrapping the brushes with the saran wrap when not in use was boring.

Worse still, replacing the ineffective brushes drained them financially. Therefore, the trio discovered that it could maintain the quality of the brushes by storing them in an airtight plastic container. Ideally, the simple discovery has revolutionized the painting industry. The simple plastic container is what has become the essential Paint Brush Cover.

The Paint Brush Cover business began humbly, but had experienced tremendous growth. The trio sold around 17,000 units of brush covers by the time they decided to approach Shark Tank. They believed that they were likely to make more sales by asking Shark Tank to invest in their business and were confident that an appearance on national television would give them the marketing boost needed to bring in more customers.

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