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Dr. Anika Goodwin Hilderbrand


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Company Background

What is Opulence MD Magnetic Eyelashes?

Opulence MD Magnetic Eyelashes is a company that makes magnetic glue-free mink lashes for all kinds of eyes, including almond eyes, hooded eyes, monolid eyes, and deep-set eyes. This type of eyelashes has the special feature of promoting the beauty and health of the eyes without having to thin the eyelashes.

Who Owns Opulence MD Magnetic Eyelashes?

Dr. Anika Goodwin Hilderbrand, an ophthalmologist from Greensboro, North Carolina, founded the brand in 2020. She graduated from the University of Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. Afterward, she worked for the Federal government after obtaining her MD from the Medical University of South Carolina. Currently, she runs her companies, Opulence MD Beauty and DocMcdiva, LLC.

Founder’s Story

Dr. Goodwin strives to change the narrative for women who have to sacrifice their health for luxurious beauty. Being a trained medical doctor, she came up with a product that combines both aspects. True to this, the company sponsors low-cost eye examination surgery for those who cannot afford it. She desires that every woman should have the perfect pair of eyelashes she deserves, bigger and better. She envisions making every product she produces easy to use and not placing a burden on the user.

Anika does wish that other women do not have to undergo the struggle she went through with her regular glue-on eyelashes, ruining and thinning her natural eyelashes. Although she had become tired of the regular cumbersome lashes, Dr. Goodwin had to engage another entrepreneur in the lashes industry for them to come up with the luxurious current lashes. She faced various challenges as she developed her brand, including supply chain problems, but this did not stop her drive to succeed.

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