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Obvious Wines Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

Pitchcurated wines for a easy wine experience
EntrepreneurBrice Baillie
Asked For$150,000 for 5%
Deal$160,000 for 12.5%
SharkLori Greiner
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Obvious Wines?

Obvious Wines is a company whose mission is to sell wine that is high-quality, fairly priced, straight forward and snob free. Obvious Wines is a collection of family estate wines harvested with sustainable farming techniques. Their distinct labels simply describe the flavor profile, characteristics and province of each bottle.

Who Owns Obvious Wines?

French native Brice Baillie is the founder and CEO of Obvious Wines as well as a former wine snob. He received a master’s degree in management and Finance from EDHEC Business school and then went on to work at L’Oréal as Head of Finance before starting his company in 2018.

Founder’s Story

Brice always felt that you shouldn’t need a special education to enjoy a glass of high-quality wine, but wine snobs can make selecting your bottle a stressful and intimidating process.

He believed that selecting a glass of wine should be as easy, fun and casual as it is to drink.

Brice noticed an increased demand for boutique, vegan and eco-friendly wines yet people were reluctant to discuss them. It was then that he began to contact California wineries which fit his criteria, and Obvious Wines was born. His first purchasers were actually the ones who coined the name of the company.

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